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The Anvio VR website uses cookies.

What are Cookies?
Most websites use cookies to help deliver a better experience to visitors and understand how to improve it. Cookies are simply a small text file stored on the browser of the computer or connected device. This text file is placed by the server of the website you visit and can only be retrieved by that specific server. Each file is unique to your web browser and will allow a website to remember you and things you may have done on the site such as adding a product to basket or what pages you visited.

Cookies make it easy to use the site. For example, the user does not have to reinstall certain parameters when a new visit or when moving between pages. Cookies provide uninterrupted operation of the site, including in terms of back-end functionality. They are also used to analyze the operation of the site in order to further optimize it.

Anvio VR’s website uses several types of cookies.

Without these cookies, the website will not function properly. Such cookies, for example, are used to obtain data from user-filled forms or to ensure a secure connection to the site.

These cookies store information about user preferences and preferences. These include settings for displaying the website, information about the device used, the font size on the pages, etc.

These cookies provide the ability to analyze the operation of the website, including by the user, as well as collect statistics on its use. They allow you to identify and timely solve problems in the work of the website. Advertising activities are also made using cookies. The Anvio VR website uses cookies from various analytical services, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Yandex.Metrica.

If you do not want to use cookies, you can delete the saved cookies and disable the ability to save new ones. The procedure for deleting / disabling cookies depends on the operating system and browser used. Instructions for popular browsers can be found here:

Please note that the Anvio VR website may not work correctly if cookies are disabled.

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