These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, the "Terms") regulate the access and use
of the Internet site whose Uniform Localization Resource (URL) is https://anvio.com/usa-en/hollywood/
(hereinafter, the "Site").

The User and/or Participant (their legal representative) when accessing, browsing and/or
using the Site, admits having read and understood these Terms and agrees to bind them,
as well as to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Consequently, by accessing,
using and/or acquiring any of the products or services offered on the Site, you freely
accept and expressly adhere to these Terms, as well as all its modifications and addenda.
In the event that you do not wish to accept or disagree with these Terms, your
modifications and/or addenda, you must leave the Site immediately and have no right to
use the materials or services of the Site, as well as to receive the Services.
Realty Capital LLC places the Site at the disposal of Internet users and in particular at
the disposal of its customers (hereinafter the "Users" or the "User"). Notwithstanding the
foregoing, the access or use of certain products or services offered to the User through the
Site is done for consideration and is subject to compliance with the Booking Conditions.
Before the start of the Game, the Participant is considered to read and unconditionally
accept the terms of this Agreement without restrictions and conditions and received all
necessary explanations and additions, not described on the Site, by signing a paper form
directly before receiving the Services. of the agreement.
1. Definitions
Personal Data. Any information related directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable
person (the subject of personal data).
Game. An event begins at the time specified in the Organizer's program and is carried out
for a certain continuous period of time according to the scenario and terms, which are
defined by the Organizer, which includes compliance with the rules.
Organizer. A legal entity that organizes and manages the provision of Services to the
Competitor. Individual recipient of the Service (Services) to participate in the Game.
Profile. Combination of email / mobile phone number and password to access the User's
personal page within the Site, allowing access to the services of the Site.
Rules. Compliance with the User's requirements and rules is mandatory during the
reception of the Services, which include, among others: restrictions on age, team and
number of Participants in the Game, restrictions on the Participant's health and personal
fitness, etc. depending on the conditions of provision of the Service of a certain type.

Service, Services. It is the set of activities established by the Organizer during the
session of the Game, as well as other related activities in accordance with the instructions
of the User, the Participant (their legal representative) or another entity that wishes to
participate personally in the game or provide the participation of the game for the other
person (people).
Site. resource, located on the Internet at https://anvio.com/usa-en/hollywood/, through which information
about the Services are provided. In addition, the Site offers the User the opportunity to
interact through the Internet with the Game's reservation system at the desired time
(Session), including the possibility of obtaining the descriptions, images, availability, and
conditions available, as well as the price of the reservation of the session.
Location of services. The location chose by the user where the virtual reality game is
User. A person who registers on the Site in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
2. Modifications
Realty Capital LLC reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and without
prior notice. Any modification will become effective and will have effects against Users
since its publication on the Site. Consequently, the User must review these Terms each
time he accesses the Site.
Likewise, notices, regulations, circulars or instructions of any nature issued by
Realty Capital LLC, published on the Site, and related in any way to the access,
navigation or use of the Site, or with the access and use of the products and/or services
that are offered in it, shall be an integral part of these Terms and shall prevail over any
other related provision even when this is contrary to it.
In case the User does not agree totally or partially with an updated version of the
Agreement, he does not have the right to use the materials and services of the Site.

3. Correct Use of the Site
The User agrees to read this agreement carefully and to use the Site in accordance with
the laws of the USA and with the provisions of these Terms. The User will
refrain from using the Site for illegal purposes or effects, damaging the rights and interests
of third parties or performing acts that in any way may damage, disable, overload,
deteriorate or impede the normal functioning of the Site.
3.1. The User accepts to receive information and advertising messages to the
email specified in the Profile and on the mobile phone, placing in his Profile a
consent note (mark) in a special field near the phrase "I agree to receive
informative messages from the Organizer". The user has the right to refuse to
receive emails in the special field mentioned above.

3.2. The Organizer has the right to establish restrictions for the use of the
materials and services of the Site unilaterally for all Users and for certain
categories of Users.
3.3. The User has no right to use devices, programs, procedures, algorithms
and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes to access,
purchase, copy and track the content of the Site.
3.4. The User does not have the right to use the Site or its content for any
purpose, prohibited by the legislation of the USA, as well as to
incite any illegal activity or other activity that violates the rules of the Organizer
and/or other persons.
3.5. To use the functional services of the site, the user must pass a registration
procedure (profile creation) on the site.
3.6. When registering (profile creation), the user enters their name, email,
mobile phone number in a special register and creates their own password to
access the account.
3.7. The user independently monitors the security of access to the data in his
profile and is responsible for the security of the forms chosen to access the profile.
The User is responsible independently of all actions and omissions when using the
services of the Site under his own Profile, as well as during the free transfer of the
data by the User to access the Profile by third parties under any condition
(including contracts and/or agreements). Any action carried out under the User
Profile, is considered to be carried out by the User, excluding the cases, when the
User notified the Organizer about unauthorized access to their Profile and/or any
violation (suspicion of violation) of confidentiality of access to the profile.
3.8. The personal information provided by the User, contained in the Profile, is
stored and processed by the Organizer in accordance with the data protection
4. Intellectual property

Realty Capital LLC has placed on the Site certain content such as messages, designs,
source codes, object codes, animations, graphics, sound and/or image files, photographs,
recordings, and software (the "Contents").
The copyright on the Contents is a property of Realty Capital LLC or from the original
creator of the same ones of whom Realty Capital LLC has received authorization for its
use, and are fully protected by national and international copyright and intellectual property
regulations. Consequently, except as expressly stated in the Terms, the User must refrain
from copying, disclosing or reproducing in any way and by any means the Content and, in
general, any kind of material accessible through the Site, except in those cases in which
Realty Capital LLC has expressly authorized its copy or reproduction.

Therefore, the User must abstain at all times from (a) using the Content for purposes
contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good practices or public order; (b)
reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication,
transform or modify the Contents, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the
corresponding rights or it is legally permitted; (c) suppress, evade or manipulate any kind
of texts, legends or messages whose purpose is the protection of intellectual property
rights over the Contents, as well as the technical protection devices that may be contained
in the Contents; (d) use the Contents and, in particular, the information of any kind
obtained through the Site to send advertising, communications for the purpose of direct
sale or with any other kind of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a
plurality of people with independence of its purpose, as well as to abstain from marketing
the Contents.
By virtue of the Terms, authorization is granted to Users to display the Contents only for
personal, non-commercial use, so that the Contents should not be modified in any way
and they will keep all the legends of copyright and other rights of property contained
therein. This authorization may be revoked by Realty Capital LLC anytime.
Any unauthorized use of the Content constitutes a violation of these Terms, the laws of
copyright and trademarks, as well as a violation of international treaties in matters of
intellectual property.
5. Licenses
Except as expressly indicated in the section "Intellectual Property" Realty Capital LLC
does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its industrial and
intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to the Site or the

6. Brands

The trademarks, service marks and logos used and/or displayed on the Site are registered
and unregistered trademarks owned by, or licensed to, Realty Capital LLC
("Trademarks"). Nothing on this Site may be construed as granting licenses or rights of
use on any Trademarks displayed on the Site.
7. Violation of Rights of Third Parties
In the event that any User or a third party considers that any of the Content has been
entered into the Site in violation of their intellectual property rights, said User or third party
must send a notification to Realty Capital LLC in which the following information is
reported: (a) personal information: name, address, telephone number and email address
of the claimant; (b) authentic signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the owner
of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed and/or of his agent; (c) accurate and

complete indication of the Contents allegedly infringed, as well as its location on the Site;
(d) express and clear declaration that the use of the aforementioned Contents has been
made without the consent of the owner of the intellectual property rights allegedly
infringed; and (e) express, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant that the
information provided in the notification is accurate and that the use of the Content would
be a violation of their intellectual property rights. These notifications should be sent to
[email protected]
8. Hyperlinks

Users and, in general, all those persons who intend to establish a hyperlink that from their
pages address their browser (Browser) to the Site (hereinafter, the "Hyperlink") must meet
the following conditions: (a) the Hyperlink will only allow access to the main page (Home)
of the Site; (b) a browse, frame or border environment will not be created on the web
pages of the Site; (c) the inclusion of the Hyperlink will not have as its object or effect that
the pages of the Site are displayed in a site not controlled by Realty Capital LLC (d)
there will be no false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about the Site, in
particular, it will not be declared or implied that Realty Capital LLC has authorized the
Hyperlink or has supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered or
made available on the web page containing the Hyperlink; (e) exception made of those
signs that are part of the same Hyperlink, the web page where the Hyperlink is established
will not contain any brand, trade name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or
other distinctive signs belonging or licensed to Realty Capital LLC ; (f) the website where
the Hyperlink is established will not contain information or illegal content, contrary to
morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, nor will it contain content
that is contrary to any third party's rights.
The establishment of the Hyperlink does not have as an object or effect the creation of
commercial relations between Realty Capital LLC and the owner of the web page
where said Hyperlink is established. Likewise, the establishment of the Hyperlink does not
have the object or effect of acceptance, approval or support by Realty Capital LLC of
the site of the third party, or of the products, services and/or contents offered therein.
This statement applies to all links, located on the Site, and to the materials of all websites,
which can be accessed through banners and links on the Site.
9. Booking Conditions
Any User that intends to access and/or use the services offered by Realty Capital LLC
on the Site, you must comply with all these Terms and the Booking Conditions.
10. Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

Any User that intends to access and/or use the services offered by Realty Capital LLC
on the Site, you must comply with all of these Terms, the Booking Conditions, and the
Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.|
11. Responsibility and Restrictions of Responsibility of the User / Participant and
his Legal Representative
11.1. The User, Participant and their legal representative will be liable for the
damages that Realty Capital LLC may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of
a breach of these Terms or the law. The User acknowledges and accepts that the
access and use of the Site are made under his own account, risk and
11.2. In case of damage to the property of Realty Capital LLC or the property
of other individuals used during the Game, the Participant or its legal
representative agrees to immediately compensate for the cost of the said
12. Responsibility and Restrictions of Liability of Realty Capital LLC
12.1. Realty Capital LLC does not guarantee the availability, continuity or
proper functioning of the Site. As a result, at any time and without prior notice,
Realty Capital LLC, at its discretion, may block, interrupt or restrict access to
the Site without incurring any liability for Realty Capital LLC
12.2. The User will be responsible for taking appropriate measures and acting
diligently when accessing the Site. Part of this diligence involves having protection
programs, antivirus, to manage malware, spyware and similar tools. In addition,
you must have copies of the programs and data that you have on the computer
through which you access the Site.
12.3. Realty Capital LLC does not control or guarantee that the Contents are
free of errors, viruses or other elements of a similar nature that may produce
alterations in the User's computer system (software and hardware) or in the
electronic documents and files stored therein. Consequently, Realty Capital LLC
will not be responsible for the damages and/or damages that the User may
suffer as a result of errors, compatibility problems, computer viruses, worms,
Trojans or any other elements of a similar nature that affect the functionality of the
12.4. Realty Capital LLC does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy,
completeness, and timeliness of the Contents nor does it guarantee the legality,
reliability, usefulness and/or suitability for a specific purpose of the Site or its
Contents and will not be responsible for any damages that the User may suffer
from occasion of the shortcomings or deficiencies of such characteristics.
12.5. Notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms, the responsibility of
Realty Capital LLC in no case shall it exceed the value that the claiming User

has paid for the use of the reservation service, or for the concept of the advance
payment made in accordance with the Booking Conditions.
12.6. Up to the moment of reserving the Session or before paying the cost of
participation in the Game directly in the Location of the Services, the Participant
and/or his legal representative have the right to request Realty Capital LLC the
information, explanations and comments necessary to resolve the questions in
relation to the order of provision of the Services, the specific details of the
participation in the Game and other essential conditions for the provision and
reception of the Services.
12.7. Realty Capital LLC You have the right to refuse to answer any question
in accordance with part 12.6 of this Agreement or otherwise if it is not related to
the information that the User, the Participant or its legal representative must
receive as consumers.
12.8. Realty Capital LLC does not assume any responsibility for the errors,
erroneous impressions, and inaccuracies that can be found in the materials
published on the Site.
12.9. Realty Capital LLC does not assume any responsibility for the damages,
losses, and expenses (real or possible) caused by the Site, its use or impossibility
of use, as well as an incomplete, inaccurate and incorrect indication of the User
about his data when creating the profile.
12.10. Realty Capital LLC is not responsible for delays or failures during the
provision of the Services or any of its parts, caused by an insurmountable force, as
well as for any malfunction in telecommunications systems, computers, electrical
and other related.
12.11. Realty Capital LLC is not responsible for the actions of translation
systems, banks, payment systems and delays related to their work, in case the
payment of the Services is made with the help of the systems and structures
mentioned above.
12.12. Realty Capital LLC does not participate in the relations between the User
and/or the Participant and/or their legal representative and/or any other person
who made a payment and otherwise expressed the will to cancel participation in
the Game or to surrender their right to participate in the Game to another person.
If there is any doubt about the individual, authorized to participate in the Game,
Realty Capital LLC It will recognize that the legitimate person is the one that
showed the electronic ticket and if it is necessary to reimburse it, the respective
cost will be returned to this person (his legal representative).
12.13. All materials and services on the Site are provided without any guarantee of
integrity or punctuality and without any other express or implied warranty. Access
to the Site, as well as the use of its materials and services, is provided exclusively
by the User's own will and at their own risk.
13. Denial and Withdrawal of Access to the Site

Realty Capital LLC reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Site, at any
time and without prior notice, to those Users who fail to comply with these Terms or any
other provisions that may be applicable.
14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
These General Conditions are governed by the laws of the USA.
15. Indemnity
The User, Participant, and Legal Representative expressly accept that they will hold
harmless Realty Capital LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees, for any
damages that may be suffered due to inappropriate use of the Site. Inappropriate use
means any use of the Site that is made without complying with the provisions of the law
and these Terms.
Realty Capital LLC is not responsible for possibly illegal actions by the User or the
Participant in relation to third parties, or third parties in relation to the User or the
Participant during the provision of the Services, as well as the result of their provision.
16. Extracontractual Civil Liability
The User, Participant and Legal Representative expressly acknowledge and accept that
Realty Capital LLC is not responsible for the defamatory, offensive, illegal and/or
criminal behavior of its Users.
17. International use
Realty Capital LLC does not guarantee that the contents and materials published on
the Site are appropriate and/or available for use in countries other than the USA.
Consequently, it will be the responsibility of those who access the Site from
places other than the USA, compliance with local laws and regulations.
18. Complete Document
These Terms, the Booking Conditions, and the Privacy Policy form a single document that
must be interpreted and complied with as a whole.
To this Agreement are attached and are its integral parts:
- Annex N ° 1- Confirmation form of the legal representative to receive the Services
by the Participant.

- Annex N ° 2 - Request for refund of money paid.
19. Scope of Application

The Booking Conditions (the "Conditions") apply to reservations and/or advance payments
of the products and/or services that are offered to users of Realty Capital LLC ("The
user" the "Users") on the site whose Uniform Location Resource ("URL") is
https://anvio.com/ (the "Site").
When using the reservation service or paying in advance any of the products or services
offered by Realty Capital LLC on the Site, the User expressly accepts his adherence to
these Conditions. In the event that the User does not agree with these Conditions, he/she
must abstain from using the Site.
20. Booking Conditions

20.1. The reservation of online tickets can be made from Monday to Sunday, 24
hours a day, and in any case, up to three hours before the start of the respective
20.2. The reservation of the session can be made a maximum of two weeks
before the application date. If there are free sessions, the reservation can be made
at a later date.
20.3. Reservations will be valid from the date they are made by the User and up
to 15 minutes before the Session for which they were made. Once the previous
term of the reservation has expired without the User having submitted to make it
effective, the User will lose his right. In this case, Realty Capital LLC You can
freely dispose of the reserved room. Even if the User has lost his right not to
attend on time, in the event that the User presents himself to the extent of the
possibilities and in accordance with the available rooms Realty Capital LLC will
offer the User the possibility of changing the date. Even if the User does not take
advantage of the reservation service, it will have been loaned, caused and paid.
20.4. The reservation of the session can be canceled no later than one week
before the reserved date with a full refund of the cost of participation in the Game,
less the cost of the expenses of the Organizer. If the cancellation of the session is
made at a later date, the Organizer charges a User for the total cost of the service.
20.5. The provision of the Services for the organization of the Game is only
possible under a condition of your full prepayment in a specific amount,
determined by this Agreement.

20.6. By booking the Session through the Site, the User pays a full amount with a
credit/debit card for participation in the Game by all members. After a successful
payment, the User receives an electronic ticket.
20.7. Payment for the provision of reservation services made in accordance with
these Conditions will be made through the means of payment available on the
Site. Confirmation of transactions through the Site is subject to the authorization of
credit card systems or online bank transfer systems available on the Site.
20.8. The user has the right to assign his right to participate in the game, which
was paid in full, to the other person who meets the criteria of the participant in
accordance with this Agreement. To do this, the User must contact the Organizer
with the forms described on the Site, or through the Organizer's contacts,
described on the Site, and receive a confirmation from the Acceptance Organizer
for the other Participant to participate in the Session.
20.9. The cost of participation in the Game for a session available for booking is
indicated on the Site and includes the cost of participation for all Participants in the
maximum amount allowed.
20.10. Payment for the Services may be made by the User or by another person
on behalf of the User. In this case, the session is reserved for the user, whose
data was defined during the registration on the Site.
20.11. The reimbursement of the cost of the Services in accordance with the
provisions of this Agreement is made at the rates of the Services that remained in
force at the time of actual payment. Payment reimbursement is made to the
person who made the payment for the Services, the way in which the payment
was made, within 10 (ten) business days from the date of shipment by the
authorized person of the corresponding request (form attached No. 2) to the
organizer's address.
20.12. In order to reimburse the payment, the User, Participant, Legal
Representative must show their identification document, as well as provide the
details of the electronic ticket.
21. Conditions and Means of Payment
The User acknowledges and accepts that Realty Capital LLC does not control in any
way the pages in which transactions are made through debit cards or online bank transfer.
Consequently, in no case, Realty Capital LLC will be responsible for the handling of the
information that the User must provide to the banking entities when carrying out said
transactions. The foregoing, given that the management of the transmission and filing of
the aforementioned information is the exclusive responsibility of the banking and financial
entities to which the cardholder is affiliated.
22. Value and Availability

Realty Capital LLC reserves the right to modify, by its mere liberality and without prior
notice, the value of the services and products offered on the Site. In no case,
Realty Capital LLC will be responsible to third parties for facts related to the
modification of the values ​​or the lack of availability of the services or products offered on
the Site.
23. Room Assignment
In the event that for any reason the same room has been assigned to two different Users
for the same game, Realty Capital LLC assigns a room equivalent to the User who
finds that his room has been previously assigned.
24. Canceled Events
Occasionally, the rooms administered by Realty Capital LLC. They could be canceled
due to various extraordinary circumstances. When the cancellation of a scheduled session
for one of the rooms occurs by Realty Capital LLC, Realty Capital LLC will make all
the efforts and necessary steps to ensure that the canceled Session is made at a later
date. When the Session can not, definitively, be made at a later date, Realty Capital LLC
S.A.S. reimburses the User for the amount that he has anticipated in accordance with
these Conditions.
25. Changes
The reservation of the session can be modified at the latest one week before the reserved
date, notwithstanding the availability of rooms that Realty Capital LLC has.
26. Schedules
The schedules for making reservations are those established in these Conditions in the
respective section. However, and without implying any responsibility for Realty Capital LLC,
Realty Capital LLC may, without prior notice and by its mere liberality, restrict
access to the Site or interrupt its operation.
27. PQRS (Questions, Complaints, Claims, and Suggestions)
Realty Capital LLC has provided the module of PQRS (Questions, Complaints,
Complaints, and Suggestions) for its Users in the Portal https://anvio.com/, in which their
concerns can be consigned which will be addressed by the Customer Service area. The
aforementioned area has thirty (30) business days to respond to your request. Also,
remember that through the email channel of Realty Capital LLC
([email protected]) can establish contact with the company.
28. Terms of service.

28.1. In order to receive the Services, the Participant must acquire the User
status, as well as reserve the Session.
28.2. A person wishing to receive the Services also has the right to submit an
application directly to the Organizer at the Location of Services in order to
participate in the Session in the nearest future if there are vacant places.
28.3. Participants may participate in the Game in accordance with the Rules of
this Agreement, reserve and pay the total amount of the Session.
28.4. The organizer's work schedule and maintenance of the game will be from
10.00 to 23.00 every day.
28.5. The total number of participants in the game simultaneously (during a
session) will not be less than 1 and no more than 4 people.
28.6. The duration of a session is a maximum of 30 minutes.
28.7. By paying for the Session, the Participant automatically confirms that they
are ready to ensure the presence of the Participants during the Game and that
they comply with the requirements and provisions of this Agreement.
28.8. Smoking, eating or drinking are prohibited during participation in the Game.
Participants who do not meet these requirements are not allowed to participate in
the Game.
28.9. Before the start of the game, participants must comply with the
organizational and hygienic requirements of the Organizer, as well as with the
requirements to guarantee personal safety.
28.10. In order to carry out an appropriate Game organization, the Organizer has
the right to provide any other Service. The terms, order, and cost of performing
said Services are agreed with the Parties, in addition.
28.11. The Organizer has the right to organize several stimulating events to attract
the attention of possible Game Participants (promotions, gift cards for
participation, etc.). The participants of the Site are informed about the order in
which the events take place and the participation there, as well as through other
forms defined by the Organizer.
29. Rules of admission and participation in the Game
29.1. People over 12 years old can participate in the Game.
The individual, who is between 12 and 18 years old and wishes to participate in
the Game, must present the written consent of their legal representative.
29.2. The physical condition, as well as the mental state of the Participant, must
comply with the conditions and the order of the Game and participation in it.
In particular, the Game does not imply the possibility of participating in the
following categories of persons:
- People with physical disabilities.

- People with mental disorders of any kind in any expression,
- People in a state of alcohol and/or poisoning by narcotics,
- People with dirty clothes or without shoes,
- People who behave aggressively,
- People who do not comply with the other terms of this Agreement,
- Any other person, for whom there is a probability, that participation in the Game
may cause any kind of negative consequences for both the Participant and the
Organizer (including negative consequences for the property).
29.3. The Organizer has the right to request the Participant (its legal
representative) a documentary proof that it meets the participation criteria in
accordance with parts 3.1 and 3.2 of this Agreement.
29.4. Before starting the Game, the Organizer will instruct the Participants and
their legal representatives (in case the Participant is not more than 18 years old
and a legal representative is also present in the Services Location) to describe in
detail the rules of participation and realization of the Game, as well as to
determine the risk of any negative consequence for the Participants during the
29.5. The Organizer has an unconditional right to refuse to provide Services in
case of suspicion about the consistency of the data reported by the Participant (its
legal representative), as well as after the induction if the Organizer identified the
risk of occurrence Negative consequences for Participants after participation in the
29.6. The Participant and/or its legal representative have the right to
independently decide to participate in the Game in any period of time without
explaining the reasons and applying the consequences in accordance with part
29.8 of this Agreement.
29.7. In the event that the Organizer refuses to provide Services prior to the start
of the Gaming Session, except in the cases defined in part 29.8 of this Agreement,
the Organizer reimburses the money paid for the Services, in accordance with the
return rules. provided in this Agreement.
29.8. The Organizer will charge the User a fine for the total cost of a paid
Service and will refuse to provide the services in the following cases:
- The Participant or its legal representative has provided untrustworthy information
in accordance with parts 29.1 and 29.2 of this document, which is confronted with
the documents presented or other evidence.

- The Participant or his legal representative in his free will has refused to
participate in the Game for more than one week before the Session.
- The Participant did not arrive at the Location 15 minutes before the reserved
29.9. The participant must have a citizenship card or passport in case of
being a foreigner, as well as an electronic ticket in case the reservation of
the session is made through the site.
29.10. In case the Participant has not reached the age of 18, he must reach
the Services Location with his legal representative or have the written
authorization (Annex N ° 1) from one of the parents (another legal
representative), who includes a confirmation of the receipt of the Services
by the Participant, the original signature of a legal representative, its
description and a copy of the citizenship card or passport of the legal
representative (all pages).