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In more primitive VR games, there is only head and hand tracking and immersion is considered incomplete. We use full-body VR technology to track the movements of the whole body (+ back and legs). Try it and you will feel the difference right away!

Free roam

The major advantages of our games over home VR are: 1) equipment is wireless, 2) game arenas are spacious. Hence, players’ movements are not constrained and the area of the play zone allows one to move actively – it’s easy to forget that you’re in a game!


All our games are multiplayer. Gather a team of up to 4 people and take an exciting journey! Interact with others and test your teamwork.

Visitor reviews

Karen Adamyan

Karen Adamyan

It was very cool!

You initially realize where your body is, in what room you are, what the floor is, but in glasses of virtual reality the brain feels dangerous when jumping over a precipice or from the onset of a zombie. You get used to, get involved and start to have fun.

Doctor Yuryeva

Doctor Yuryeva

You have divided my world into before and after!

Thank you for these feelings cannot be described in words! Everything is just like in a movie, this is something unreal: you walk on an abandoned planet, kill zombies and complete tasks. And you do everything yourself!

Masha Elvis

Masha Elvis

We will definitely come again!

My friends and I were in virtual reality all together! We saw and heard each other, could walk and communicate, but it’s all like a computer game. A lot of locations, emotions, laughter and fear.

Cheese People Band

Cheese People band

Thank you Anvio

Thank you, Anvio! Very scary, it's so realistic, I did not expect it! Everything is so well thought out that on such a small perimeter you have time to explore a whole huge world. There is a dungeon, destroyed buildings, offices, view of Moscow from the top of a skyscraper. It is very cool!

Rodion Lubensky

Rodion Lubensky, Golos Omeriki band

Personally, I really liked it!

Very cool, very powerful, very cool! You understand with your mind that you are safe, but you are still scared to step on the board over the precipice. Feelings are absolutely amazing and indescribable.