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Unique gift
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Есть столько разных поводов, чтобы дарить друг другу подарки. Чтобы повод и подарок совпадали, мы создали серию различных подарочных сертификатов номиналами 2,000, 4,000 и 6,000 рублей. Выбирайте любой и радуйте близких!

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46% of our guests are girls! They scream, go crazy and have fun like children. And they leave 99% of applause reviews.

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Men love adventures. And they love technology and games. Combine everything together, and here is a perfect gift

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A VR trip as a gift to a special one. No special reason required

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Make a surprise for your birthday boy or girl and everyone around. Let them spend unforgettable time with best friends

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For those who prefer to give gifts in person. Free delivery as gift!

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For those who need it right here and right now.  Gift certificateat no time. Discount 5%!

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У нас есть сеансы за 2,000, 4,000 и 6,000 рублей. Оставляем выбор номинала подарочного сертификата за вами!


If necessary, the gift certificate holder may pay the difference for place.

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Terms of Use

  • Terms of Certificate Purchase and Use
  • Location Attendance Rules
  1. A 8,000 RUB certificate can be used to pay for two sessions worth 4,000 RUB. If you need to book a session and its cost is higher than the certificate's nominal value, you may pay the difference in cash or by card.
  2. The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  3. To purchase a certificate, you must pay the bill. The bill is sent by email.
  4. Free delivery of physical certificates within the Moscow Ring Road.
  5. You can also buy a certificate directly at Anvio locations in Moscow.
  6. You can book a session using your certificate by calling the location selected for the visit.
  7. Certificates are not subject to exchange and return.
  1. The guests shall arrive at the location 20 minutes before the session to receive instructions.
  2. High heels are strictly forbidden! It is important that you wear flat shoes ensuring good protection of the foot bridge (sneakers, boots).
  3. The clothes shall have no reflective elements
  4. Our games are subject to age restrictions. Lost Sanctuary is intended for children at least 10 years old. City-Z s intended for children at least 12 years old.
  5. Guests under 18 years can play games with the consent of their guardian. Children must have a consent form filled out by their parent and copies of documents (parent and player). A photograph will be enough.