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One of the main directions that our company does is Full-Body VR gaming arenas. First and foremost it is a freedom of movement & full immersion in virtual reality. Each location around the World is supported with the modest wireless VR tech: HTC Vive Pro headsets, one of the best game engines today: “Unreal Engine 4” and of course the tracking system of HTC Stream VR. Spacious areas, experienced game operators, unique content and first-class graphics will make your presence in virtual reality completely unbelievable.

Currently, we have launched 3 unique games of different genres: zombie-shooter, "escape room" in VR and action-horror. Throughout time we continuously monitor the media market and based on our guests' demand, we are preparing to launch an additional 4 games in the next 1.5 years.

ur clubs are successfully working in Moscow, London, St. Petersburg and Odessa, and during the following year, we are preparing to launch in other countries around the globe: CIS, Europe, United States, Israel & UAE.

Read the descriptions, watch the trailers, choose the right genres and book your next sessions.