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Full immersion in virtual reality


Our games

Equipment and our technology


In more primitive VR games, there is only head and hand tracking and immersion is considered incomplete. We use full-body VR technology to track the movements of the whole body (+ back and legs). Try it and you will feel the difference right away!

Free roam

The major advantages of our games over home VR are: 1) equipment is wireless, 2) game arenas are spacious. Hence, players’ movements are not constrained and the area of the play zone allows one to move actively – it’s easy to forget that you’re in a game!


All our games are multiplayer. Gather a team of up to 4 people and take an exciting journey! Interact with others and test your teamwork.


From 1 to 4 people can take part in the game.

minimum cost
160.000 $
= 40.000 $
maximum cost
200.000 $
= 50.000 $

Offers and promotions


The original leisure is full of vivid impressions for a company of up to 4 people. The 15% discount is valid two weeks before the birthday and two weeks after. When you pay you will need an identification document. Discounts and special offers are not cumulative


In our clubs you can play on weekdays cheaper! For morning sessions, the cost is two times lower than on weekends. Daytime sessions offer a 25% discount to all who wish to visit the arenas in their free time. Discounts and special offers are not cumulative


If there is a free session at the location after yours, we offer to book it at a 50% discount. Offer applies to any of the available games. Discounts and special offers are not cumulative


Visitor reviews

Karen Adamyan

Karen Adamyan

It was very cool!

You initially realize where your body is, in what room you are, what the floor is, but in glasses of virtual reality the brain feels dangerous when jumping over a precipice or from the onset of a zombie. You get used to, get involved and start to have fun.

Doctor Yuryeva

Doctor Yuryeva

You have divided my world into before and after!

Thank you for these feelings cannot be described in words! Everything is just like in a movie, this is something unreal: you walk on an abandoned planet, kill zombies and complete tasks. And you do everything yourself!

Masha Elvis

Masha Elvis

We will definitely come again!

My friends and I were in virtual reality all together! We saw and heard each other, could walk and communicate, but it’s all like a computer game. A lot of locations, emotions, laughter and fear.

Cheese People Band

Cheese People band

Thank you Anvio

Thank you, Anvio! Very scary, it's so realistic, I did not expect it! Everything is so well thought out that on such a small perimeter you have time to explore a whole huge world. There is a dungeon, destroyed buildings, offices, view of Moscow from the top of a skyscraper. It is very cool!

Rodion Lubensky

Rodion Lubensky, Golos Omeriki band

Personally, I really liked it!

Very cool, very powerful, very cool! You understand with your mind that you are safe, but you are still scared to step on the board over the precipice. Feelings are absolutely amazing and indescribable.

Previously, virtual reality was part of fiction, which we often saw on our television screens. Fantastic films showed us the possibility of immersing a person in a completely different world, where he could do something that was inaccessible in the real world. Today, this technology has become available to everyone. For several years, hardware manufacturers and software developers have been working to improve their products. You cannot just plunge into another world; you can manage it and get pleasure from it.

How is immersion in virtual reality

Immersion in another world has become possible thanks to new technologies that are actively developing. A special helmet is worn on the head of a person, which ensures complete immersion. Inside the helmet at eye level are displays with a very high resolution so that the image is clear and does not create discomfort. The helmet is also equipped with headphones that make immersion complete by creating the right atmosphere. In the hands of the user takes special manipulators that allow you to control all that he will see in front of him. Virtual reality in Bogota really immerses you in another world and Anvio programmers play an important role in this. It is very important to create special software, which will be the basis of the world where you can plunge wearing a helmet. Developers today create various simulators, games, incredible landscapes, imitate certain construction projects. It is thanks to the professionalism of developers and complex tests that the user can enjoy what he leads before himself and what he can do with all this.

Where to explore technology

Virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible. The easiest, but not the best way to dive - is a helmet for a smartphone. You install your smartphone in a simple helmet, download an application to it, launch it and dive into the virtual world. You cannot call this immersion full, because you clearly understand where you are, you cannot control everything that happens. It is simply an introductory technology that has become available to everyone. To experience the real immersion in the virtual world, you need to contact a specialized club, where there is professional equipment. Visiting the virtual reality club, and paying for the time of immersion, you can enjoy the technology that became available not so long ago. The best hardware, the most interesting software, and professional tuning provide exactly the realism that you originally hoped for. It remains only to choose the desired scene of virtual reality and dive into it, enjoying the active and unusual rest, which charges a lot of positive emotions. Independently, at home, it is quite difficult to assemble such equipment. The cost of the finished kit will be extremely high, at the same time you will not use it all the time. Buying quality software also takes a lot of money, so visiting the club would be a simpler and more right decision. It should be remembered that for complete immersion you need free space, which is not in a city apartment or even a private house. After all, initially this room was not designed for such purposes.

Benefits of visiting a VR club:

Low cost Professional equipment Official software Prepared ground for complete immersion Professional technical support

Why you should experience it for yourself

First, anyone can visit the virtual reality club in Bogota; this is an inexpensive and affordable service on the market that should be used. If you have not experienced the virtual reality, you cannot say whether this kind of recreation suits you. In fact, this is a modern technology that has been tested by several percent of our country's population, so you can join the ranks of these people. This is a completely new sensations and emotions, this is the freedom of action, which you lacked so much.

Today it is very difficult to surprise a person with something new, because everyone has modern gadgets and we use them daily. Technologies are developing extremely rapidly, offering mankind more and more new opportunities. But virtual reality remains something that not everyone can believe. Immersed in the virtual world, you can go where no one has ever been, you can make your dreams come true, you can jump from a parachute, you can play games, enjoy the flight, etc. This is a completely new world that you can open in front of you and do whatever you want.

Thanks to modern equipment you do not have a feeling of discomfort, you are not swayed, your head is not spinning. You can spend much more time in the virtual world and study it in more detail, having received a storm of unusual and at the same time positive emotions from it.